BJP leader’s son arrested in Ankita Bhandari murder case

BJP leader Vinod Arya and his son Pulkit Arya

Hrishikesh  – The body of 19-year-old receptionist Ankita Bhandari, who went missing from a resort in the district, was found dead by the Uttarakhand Police in a canal near Chilla Power House. Ankita Bhandari went missing on the 18th of September. 3 people have been arrested in connection with this case including Pulkit Arya, the son of BJP leader Vinod Arya. The accused have however admitted to the Police during their investigation that they had in fact pushed her into the canal near the resort after having a personal dispute with the victim. Ankita Bhandari was being pushed into prostitution by the accused; but when she resisted, they killed her. Resort owner Pulkit Arya, manager Saurabh Bhaskar and deputy-manager Ankit Gupta are the prime accused in the murder of this girl. Ankita’s father has alleged that ‘Ankita was first raped and then murdered’.

1. Vantara was a resort owned by Pulkit Arya at Pauri in Uttarakhand. Ankita, who was working as a receptionist in this resort, was suddenly found to be missing. The girl’s family and Pulkit Arya had filed a complaint at the Police station.

2. As soon as it was understood that Pulkit was behind the murder, the Vantara resort was demolished by order of the State Government. Also, an angry mob entered this resort and set it on fire.