Muslim employees of the Kanpur Municipality serve the Corporators sipped water and spat-on food

Two Muslim Officers will be suspended from service !

Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh) – The Corporators have alleged that the Muslim employees contracted to serve in the Municipalities Corporators room were serving water after they first sipped it and food after spitting in it. They agitated about it by surrounding the Municipal Officers and demanded that they be removed and a case registered against them. After this two employees from the Corporators room were removed from service.

(Credit : TV9 Uttar Pradesh UttaraKhand)

After the corporators complained the Officers called and asked the permanent employee Mubin about the complaint. At that time he said, ‘The employee on contract named Taufiq used to give the corporators water after sipping it’. After this both Mobin and Taufiq were suspended. and in their place, Hindu employees were appointed.  Now there will be an inquiry against them and then Taufiq will be removed from service.

Editorial viewpoint

Such perverted fanatics are a shame to humanity ! Please note that not even one hypocritic Liberal Political party and its leaders are saying anything about such incidents !

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