Three Islamic State terrorists arrested in Shivamogga Karnataka who had plans to carry out bombings across the State

The leader of the three terrorists is an electrical engineer

Shivamogga (Karnataka) – Karnataka Police has arrested 3 Islamic State terrorists Shariq, Maaz and Sayed. One of them is an electrical engineer and the group leader. All three of them had explosives and were planning to carry out high-intensity bombings. Police got the information from the detectives leading to their arrest.

1. According to the Police, these three have received terrorist training at the behest of the Islamic State. They are from Shivamogga and Thirthahalli and they are linked to Mangaluru.

2. Shivamogga has become the centre of anti-national activities. On August 15th, Swatantryaveer Savarkar`s poster was torn down and the National flag was disrespected. The religious fanatics who did this were trying to put up a poster of Tipu Sultan and Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Also, a Hindu youth named Prem Singh was attacked with a knife here.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • A slap in the face to those who say mainstream education will deter Muslim youth from jihadi terrorism.
  • Karnataka Police must investigate thoroughly, find their entire support system, and take strict action against them.

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