A young man Amos Noronha sentenced to 10 months imprisonment for the violence in Leicester, UK

Leicester (Britain) – The Police have up till now arrested 47 individuals in the case of Pakistani Muslims attacking Hindus here in Leicester. Amos Noronha has been sentenced to 10 months imprisonment for possessing banned weapons during this riot. The Police have appealed to the public to come forward and provide any information about this incident. 16 Police personnel have been injured in this riot.

The British media giving anti-Hindu news ! – An Eye-Witness

Editorial viewpoint

It can be seen that the British media like the Indian Media are biased.  

Dikshita Solanki, an eyewitness, said some media are giving an anti-Hindu twist to the violent incident in Leicester. A piece of news has been published saying, “the Hindus were the ones who attacked. I feel that the news should be truthfully reported, but do not see it happening. What was published was opposite to what I saw”.

Editorial viewpoint

When will India see such quick disposal of cases as in Britain ?

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