A video is becoming viral on social media showing a hijab-wearing girls celebrating Onam 

(Image credit : Times of India)

Malappuram (Kerala) – A video about an incident in Malappuram’s Government Girls Higher Secondary School is being circulated on social media. In it, hijab (the cloth used by Muslim women to cover their heads and necks) wearing girls celebrating the Onam festival.

It is still not clear that this news shown in the video is true. And it is not clarified if these students are truly Muslims.

Editorial viewpoint

Many are enthusiastic to show in the media news of Muslims celebrating Hindu festivals and Hindus participating in Muslim festivals. But when the religious processions are attacked when passing in front of the Mosque, or when Muslims attack the Hindu religious places for paltry reasons, this same media try to avoid telling this news or else try to hide the truth by saying ‘There was a fight between two groups’.