Two devotees died of suffocation in the ‘Baa ke Bihari’ temple in Mathura on Janmashtami !

The accident caused because of devotees entering through the VIP entrance in the temple !

Mathura (UP) – On Janmashtami, 2 devotees lost their lives of suffocation at the time of ‘Mangal Arti’ at night in the ‘Baa ke Bihari’ temple in Mathura. The details of this incident are now coming to light. There is a special entrance for VIPs in this temple. This entrance is used by the temple administrators as well as the Security guards which creates hurdles for taking ‘Darshan’ and results in accidents. It is said that on Janmashtami, this entrance was used by the devotees as well and hence, the accident took place.

This VIP entrance and the ‘Darshan’ management was created 12 years ago. But along with the VIPs, the devotees too, started using this entrance. Due to this, the temple administration had started charging Rs. 100. Taking disadvantage of this, the temple administrators had started allowing their friends and acquaintances to use the VIP entrance free of cost. This way, the entrance became too crowded at the time of ‘Mangal Arti’. The devotees were given an entry in spite of the lack of space in the temple. As a result, 2 devotees lost their lives. Surprisingly, the lack of emergency arrangements was seen in the temple. The enquiry department is focusing on the same.

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