Twitter suddenly suspends Serbian embassies accounts in 7 countries !  

Decision taken in the background of the conflict between Kosovo and Serbia

Belgrade (Serbia) – Twitter accounts of embassies of the east European country Serbia, in 7 countries and Serbia’s office in Illinois State in the USA has been suddenly suspended. Serbia has condemned this action of Twitter against Serbia and has stated that it was an attack on the freedom of expression of Serbia, which is a supporter of democracy.

1. Serbian embassy’s offices in Armenia, Ghana, Iran, Indonesia, Kuwait, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe have been suddenly suspended, informed Serbia’s Foreign Ministry.

2. It may be noted that Serbia has been quite keen to become a member nation of the European Union for a decade, but it has not still been given entry. Kosovo, a region that unilaterally declared independence from Serbia a few years ago, was extended support by the USA, and other 96 countries; however, many other countries in the world, including Russia and China, had opposed it.

3. The rise in the conflict between the two countries has led to Twitter taking such action, as claimed by Twitter.

4. It is being said that Twitter’s action against Serbia exposed the status of the USA’s control over Twitter, so also, of the so-called policy of Twitter on freedom of expression.

5. Twitter accounts of 13 Serbian MPs have already been suspended in the last week.

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