Provide a separate room for namaz in educational institutions across Karnataka

In keeping with the celebration of Shri Ganesh Chaturthi in schools, Waqf Board made the demand

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – Karnataka Education Minister B.C. Nagesh has appealed to celebrate Shri Ganesh Chaturthi in the schools of the State. It is being opposed by Muslim organisations. Now the ‘Waqf Board’ has protested and demanded to provide a separate room for Namaz in educational institutions and to celebrate Muslim festivals. On the other hand, the regional President of Campus Front of India, the student wing of PFI, Athaulla Punjalkatte, demanded the resignation of Education Minister BC Nagesh.

Shri Ganeshotsav is being celebrated in schools since the pre-Independence era – BC Nagesh

Education Minister B.C. Nagesh said in a press conference that Shri Ganesh Chaturthi is not a religious event. The festival unites people. Shri Ganeshotsav is being celebrated in schools since the pre-independence era. It was like a weapon in the freedom movement at that time. After the appeal of Lokmanya Tilak, the Shri Ganeshotsav celebration started in schools, hostels and public places. It does not mean that we have allowed anything new. The festival continues as per tradition, but, because of it, other religious programs will not be allowed in schools, Nagesh explained.

Based on BC Nagesh’s statement, Muslim organisations are trying to link it to the Hijab row. They are asking the question, when Hijab is banned, how Shri Ganesh Chaturthi is allowed ?

Shri Ram Sena’s opposition to providing a room for namaz

Founder President of Shri Ram Sena Shri. Pramod Muthalik said that today Waqf Board is demanding a place for namaz in schools, and tomorrow they will demand for Friday holiday. So the Government should not allow the Islamization of schools.

Editorial viewpoint

It is the result of appeasing of minorities by the rulers since the Independence till date.

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