Nupur Sharma should be punished under Blasphemy Law to protect jihad !

Al-Qaeda provokes Indian Muslims !

(Right side) Nupur Sharma

New Delhi – Jihadi terrorist organisation Al-Qaeda has now provoked Indian Muslims to punish Nupur Sharma, the former spokesperson of BJP under Blasphemy Law. Such an incitement has been published through its mouthpiece ‘Nawai – Gazwa- e-Hind’, naming it ‘Protection Jihad’. After the brutal attack on Salman Rushdie, the American author of Indian origin, a few days ago, Indian intelligence services and Police have become more alert in the case of Nupur Sharma. In addition, the provocation by Al-Qaeda is feared to create a more serious condition.

Many Muslim countries from all over the world and fanatic Muslims have been threatening Nupur Sharma with life due to the alleged controversial statement made by her against Prophet Mohammad.

In the latest issue of Al-Qaeda’s periodical, it has been stated that

1. Indian Muslims should take revenge against Nupur Sharma; for which, they should collect weapons and learn how to use them. Al-Qaeda has named it ‘Protection Jihad’.

2. Indian Muslims should join jihadi activities going on in Kashmir.

3. The condition of Muslims will be bad if they don’t take revenge against Nupur Sharma for her opposing Prophet Mohammad.

4. Earlier, in the month of June also, Al-Qaeda had declared a suicide attack on Nupur Sharma as avenge.

Editorial viewpoint

Now it is imperative for the Central Government to brace itself against jihadi terrorist organisations and their Muslim supporters and take severe action against them !

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