Calcutta High Court stays the deportation of 4 Rohingya women intruders

Kolkota (Bengal) – The Calcutta High Court has stayed the deportation of 4 Rohingya Muslim women, to Myanmar till 10th August. The women had filed a plea in the High Court that there was a danger to their lives in Myanmar, so they should not be sent there; instead allow them to stay in India as refugees. (If their plea is entertained and they are allowed to stay in India, then all the remaining intruder Rohingya and Bangladeshis will give the same reason asking for permission to stay in India. – Editor)

In 2016, 16 children and these women were caught for intruding into India. The Courts have found them guilty and sentenced them. In 2019 after they finished serving their time, the process of deporting them was started.  (Citizens of this country are wondering – While they were serving their punishment, why was this process not completed ? Why did this process continue after 3 years of punishment ? – Editor) Till then they have been kept in the rescue Home in Bengal. It was in this period that the plea was filed.