Pravin Nettaru’s murder may be linked with his inviting Hindus to open meat shops

Pravin Nettaru himself had opened a meat shop

(Left side) Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha’s District secretary Pravin Nettaru

Bellari (Karnataka) – A few days ago, religious fanatics killed Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha’s District secretary Pravin Nettaru. One reason behind his murder has come to light. Pravin Nettaru had invited Hindus to buy meat from Hindus only. Nettaru had opened a meat shop just 9 months back. Local Muslims were not happy about this. It is said that he was killed due to that. Hindus are running a campaign of boycotting Muslim meat vendors in Karnataka. Nettaru was leading the campaign, hence he was killed. He had invited Hindus to start a poultry business.

Despite informing the Police about the threats received by Pravin, Police remained inactive – Alleged Nettru’s bother-in-law

Pravin’s brother-in-law had alleged that Pravin was publishing writing based on Rashtra and Dharma on social media. Hence he was invariably threatened. Police were also being informed about it; but in vain, they never provided him any security. He was receiving threats even before he got killed. Muslims are operating a meat business in Bellari. When Pravin opened his meat shop, other Hindu youth also had started opening their own meat shops; hence Pravin was getting threats.

Editorial viewpoint

Hindus do not expect that a Hindu officer is not provided security when BJP is the ruling Government.

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