I have not seen a place like Varanasi anywhere else in the whole world : Hollywood actor Brad Pitt

Hollywood Actor Brad Pitt

Mumbai – India is an incredible country. This country changes continuously as we go from north to south and from east to west. There are very few countries with such variety in the world. My tour of north India is still fresh in my mind. There are many places there, where it is dark during the daytime. I have rung the bells in numerous temples. (What a difference between those who wear shoes and click photos in the temples and make fun of the Hindu faith and their places of reverence, and Pitt the western artist who experiences the importance of the temples ! – Editor). The Varanasi experience is out of this world. I have not seen a place like Varanasi anywhere else in the world. In my travel all over the world, this city has a special place in my mind, said Hollywood Actor Brad Pitt.

The movie ‘Bullet Train’ produced by Pitt will be released next week worldwide. It was in this connection a Hindi newspaper interviewed Pitt. It was then that he made this glorious comment about India. At the end of the interview, he also said that he was eager to tour India again.

Editorial viewpoint

How many Indian artists have this attitude about the spiritual city Varanasi ?