Police thwarted terrorist attack on 3 Muths in South India

  • 4 Jihadists of Islamic State and Al Qaeda arrested
  • The attack was going to occur on Independence Day

Bengaluru/ Chennai – Tamil Nadu and Karnataka Police have foiled a terrorist attack on 3 major Muths in South India on 15th August, the day of India’s diamond jubilee of Independence. In this case, the Police of both States has arrested 4 jihadi terrorists belonging to Islamic State and Al Qaeda.

On 26th July, Tamil Nadu Police arrested Asif Mustin and Yasir Nawab, who was associated with the Islamic State, on information from the intelligence department. During the interrogation, it was found that Asif had established a network of 30 people, who had been conducting reconnaissance of the Muths a month in advance and collecting explosives and other essential items for the attack. On 24th July, Bengaluru Police arrested Akhtar Hussain Lashkar and Mohammed Juba. The investigation revealed that they were going to commit suicide attacks on Hindus. They were also trying to join Al Qaeda, a radical jihadist terrorist organisation. They were trying to build a network in Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan. They were trying to unite the Muslim youth through the ‘Telegram app’. They were also trying to go to Afghanistan. They claimed that ‘Muslims are being treated as third class citizens in India’. Many documents related to the ‘Sar Tan Se Juda’ (separation of the head from the torso) campaign have been recovered from both of them. All four have confessed to their crimes.

(Credit : TV9 Bharatvarsh)

Kanchi, Sringeri and Ramchandrapura Muths were the targets of the jihadists !

Sringeri, Kanchi and Ramchandrapura Muths were to be targeted by Jihadi terrorists. All these three monasteries have great importance in Hindu Dharma. Sringeri Sharada Peetha was founded by Adya Shankaracharya at Chikkamagaluru in Karnataka. Kanchi Kamakoti is an important Muth in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, while Ramachandrapura Muth is in Shivamogga District of Karnataka.

Editorial viewpoints

  • What do those who support the jihadis by shouting that ‘terrorism has no religion and colour’ want to say now ?
  • The presence of Jihadi terrorism even on the country’s 75th Independence Day is shameful for India. Doesn’t this situation make all Indians who say ‘Mera Bharat Mahan’ bow down in shame ?
  • The hypocritical secularist political parties including Congress who call Hindus as ‘saffron terrorists’ do not open their mouths against these religious fanatics.
  • Instead of keeping such people in prison and feeding them for years, the Government should try to ensure that they get death penalty.