Women’s exposed thighs are responsible for the rising prices of meat in the country !

Outrageous statement by Sadybakas Doolov, a cleric in Kyrgyzstan

Sadybakas Doolov, an Imam

Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) – Sadybakas Doolov, an award-winning Imam in Muslim-majority Kyrgyzstan, has made an outrageous statement regarding women in which he blamed women’s thighs for the skyrocketing prices of meat in the country. In a public meeting, he said, ‘Do you know when meat prices go up in your town ? It goes up when women’s flesh cheapens. A woman’s meat becomes cheap when she bares skin and exposes her thighs like a thumb’. His statement has triggered angry responses and criminal investigation is being demanded against him. On the other hand, the religious authorities in Kyrgyzstan said that Doolov did not violate any Islamic law.

The prices of meat are currently on the rise in Kyrgyzstan. Meat is being sold at a price of Rs 600/kg there. Prices are predicted to increase further in the coming time.

Editorial Viewpoint

Will the so-called secularists and intellectuals talk about this ?

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