A second patient infected with ‘Monkey pox’ infection found in India

New Delhi – A second patient infected with ‘monkey pox’ was found in the Kannur District of Kerala. This individual returned from Dubai on 13th May to India. The fact that he has been infected with ‘monkey pox’ came to light now, that I, after 2 months. Some days ago, a person just returned from abroad was found infected with ‘monkey pox’.

To date, about 800 individuals from 27 countries have been found infected worldwide. This infection is not as life-threatening as Corona, and the virus does not spread as fast as the Coronavirus, the doctors have reported. Until now, there has been only one fatality in this infection.

What are the symptoms of ‘monkey pox’ ?

The symptoms observed in those infected with ‘monkey pox’ are fever, severe headache, swelling of the body, and tiredness.

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