Affidavit of Special investigating Team in Sessions Court

  • Late Ahmed Pated, former leader of the Congress had devised a plot for the fall of BJP Government after the Gujarat riots
  • Teesta Setalvad’s involvement
(Left side) Teesta Setalvad  and late Congress leader Ahmed Patel 

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) – Special Investigating team of the Gujarat Police had filed an affidavit in the Session Court stating that after the Gujarat’s riots in 2002, a big plot had been conspired as per the instructions given by late Ahmed Pated, former leader of the Congress for the fall of BJP Government. Teesta Setalvad too was involved in it. It is stated in the affidavit that Setalvad had the motive of collapsing or disrupting the newly elected Government. They made an effort to involve many people in it for that by using erroneous ways.

As per the instruction of Ahmed Patel, Teesta Setalvad had received 30 lakhs after the riots. Both were meeting in Delhi to plan how to involve BJP’s top leaders in the Gujarat riots. Among the two who are arrested by the Crime Branch of Ahmedabad Police with the accusation of involving many in erroneous ways in the Gujarat riots, Teesta Setakvad is one.