Gauhar Chishti provoking of severing Nupur Sharma’s head arrested

Arrested in Hyderabad

(Left side) Gauhar Chishti and BJP’s former spokesperson Nupur Sharma

Hyderabad (Telangana) – Gauhar Chishti attendant in Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti in Ajmer was arrested at Hyderabad. He had provoked Muslims to severe BJP’s former spokesperson Nupur Sharma’s head for a so-called objectionable remark with regard to Muhammad Paigambar. It has also been found that he was associated with the murder of Kanhayalal from Udaipur. Chishti would be taken to Ajmer.

When the issue of Chishti’s provoking Muslims came to light, he had fled away with his family. He had gone to Udaipur on 17th June. There he had given slogans of the severing head. At that time he had met Mohammad Riyaz, the killer of Kanhayalal. On that day only Riyaz had published the video and spoken about severing the head.

One video of Gauhar Chishti had gone viral, in which he had said, ‘We will not tolerate anything said against Muhammad Paigambar. There was only one punishment for the one who tried to insult Muhammad Paigambar. Hence we are ready to even severe the head. Nupur Sharma had committed a mistake and she had no right to live. The Police had already registered the crime against Gauhar Chishti on 25th June.

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