Christian man lures Hindu girl into love trap, inflicts torture : Vadodara, Gujarat

Vadodara (Gujarat) – A 23-year-old Hindu girl in Vadodara was abducted by Christian man Selvin Paul Parmar who went on to marry the girl. She was later tortured. A case has been registered against Selvin. Selvin had stabbed the girl more than 500 times in the past few months. The girl’s father is a builder. ‘What happened to my daughter should not happen to anyone else’s daughter’, he said.

Selvin is only a 10th grader; however, he told the girl that he was the owner of a property worth ₹250 crore and lured her into a love affair. He then took her to a hotel and secretly photographed their private moments. He started blackmailing her with those photos and videos. In 2019, after a 2-year-long love affair, he took the girl away to Anand and had a Court marriage with her there. He had been abusing her for two years. After the girl told her parents about it, they lodged a complaint with the Police.

Editorial Viewpoint

Is it that now Christian youths are cheating Hindu girls just like Muslim youth ?