‘Muslims in India should follow the Shariat which says ‘Muslims should not live in places where there is no Shariat’

Firm statement of Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan

 Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan

New Delhi – ‘The word ‘Shariat’ is wrong. Shariat is called the law of Allah, which is the law of nature; however, this law does not apply in our country. We have a Constitution. The Shariah says that Muslims should not live where the Shariah does not apply. If so, then Muslims should abide by Sharia’, said Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan in an interview with Times Now Navbharat.

1. Governor Khan further said that the reasons behind the Udaipur massacre should also be considered. We need to pay attention to this, ‘How can this disease be cured ?’ ‘Muslims in India are terrified’, it is said. If a head-hunter threatens to kill a person by going to his shop and saying that he is ‘scared’, then those who are not scared should think about what they can do.

2. In the case of Nupur Sharma, Muslims have announced such a punishment as ‘Sir Tan Se Juda’ (beheading). Regarding this, Governor Arif Mohammad Khan said that spirituality is an important thing in religion. Spirituality respects life, not beheading. Spirituality also loves those who do wrong and tries to guide them to the right path.

Editorial viewpoints

  • Will those who always demand Sharia law talk about this ?
  • Arif Mohammad Khan is always revealing the knowledge in Islam and the current situation of Muslims; but no one dares to defend them !

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