Vigilance Department killed my son while raiding my house

Allegations by IAS officer arrested for corruption

(Left side) Senior IAS officer Sanjay Popali and Kartik Popali 

Mohali (Punjab) – Senior IAS officer Sanjay Popali of Punjab has alleged that his son Kartik was killed by the Vigilance Department. He also claimed that the Vigilance Department might kill him also. Sanjay Popali has held the Deputy Commissioner Ajay Kumar accountable for the murder of his son Kartik. Sanjay Popali has been accused of corruption. 12 kg gold, 4 iPhones, Samsung folding phone, Smart watches and other things were confiscated from Sanjay Popali’s house.

(Credit : Times Of India)

Popli has alleged,

1. After having raided his house, the Vigilance Department officer took his son to the upper floor of the house and gunned him down.

2. Deputy Commissioner Ajay Kumar of the Vigilance Department said that their squad raided Popali’s house, but none of them had anything to do with Kartik’s death. They came to know about it on their return. He had not entered the house also.

3. On the contrary, the Police claimed that Kartik had shot himself.

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