India should revive the principles of Sanatan Dharma : Kerala Governor Arif Khan

Says teaching Hindu Dharma is necessary

Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) – It is important to revive India’s ancient culture and principles of Sanatan Dharma by propagating the right kind of education. Following such a path doesn’t mean that we have to retrograde, but we have to revive Sanatan principles. It is not possible without education on Dharma, stated Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan. He was speaking during an inauguration programme of a private school in Shahjehanpur District in Uttar Pradesh.

Khan further said,

1. Swami Vivekananda said that the purpose of human life is gaining knowledge, and humility is the effect of knowledge. A modest person is never looked down upon.

2. India is a group of various sects. All religions are respected here. Our country has always been the promoter of truth and non-violence, and everyone should remember these things.

3. India is a country where there is no discrimination against either Islam, Jews, or Christians. In fact, the first mosque was built in India after Medina, and that too by a Hindu king.

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