Documentary allegations : Mother Teresa covered up the evil doings of the Catholic Church

Mother Teresa

New Delhi – A documentary film has been made on the Nobel Peace Prize winner and Bharat Ratna recipient Mother Teresa. The documentary film titled, ‘Mother Teresa : For The Love of God’, highlights the evil doings of the Catholic Church. It is claimed that Mother Teresa was capable to prevent war. She had a friendship with the Presidents of many countries. She had built a worldwide network of orphanages. Many ailing prisoners were released at her behest. Despite that, she worked to cover up the evil doings of the Catholic Church. Mother Teresa’s close friends and her critics have expressed their views in this documentary film.

(Credit : Sky TV)

Mother Teresa had enough money to run a decent hospital, but she did not : British Doctor Jack Preger

Mother Teresa started social work with the help of British Doctor Jack Preger. In the documentary film, he said that the nurses at Teresa’s nursing home did not take proper care of the patients. The same syringe was used repeatedly. Teresa had enough money to run a decent hospital for the poor, but she did not. She would say, ‘Let us pray for relief without any treatment.’ The nurses were instructed to whip themselves and put chains around their necks.

Editorial viewpoint

Mother Teresa has been the subject of many serious allegations. Therefore, the Central Government should set up a committee to find out and bring the truth to the world.

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