Mehsana (Gujarat) : Man beaten to death for playing Aarti over a loudspeaker

Arrested in murder case ( Image credit : ANI)

Mehsana (Gujarat) – Jaswantji Thakor, a 42-year-old man, was beaten to death by members of his community over a dispute about listening to Aarti at a temple over a loudspeaker. The incident took place in Langhanaj village in Mehsana District. A case of murder has been registered against Sadaji Thakor, Vishnuji Thakor, Babuji Thakor, Jayantiji Thakor, Jawanji Thakor and Vinuji Thakor.

Brother of the deceased Ajit informed the Police, Jaswant and I were performing Aarti at the Meladi Mata Temple. We played the Aarti over the loudspeaker. Sadaji came and asked us why we are playing the Aarti so loudly ? When told him that we are performing the Aarti, he got angry and started abusing us. He called his friends who came with lathis. They started beating us up.

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