Lockdown imposed in 26 cities in China

Wuhan (China) – This year, due to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, 1st May was not celebrated as World Labour Day in China. The lockdown has been imposed in 26 cities in the country. Hence, 21 crore citizens are, in a way, locked in their houses. Even in such a situation neither did the Chinese President Xi Jinping have a conversation with the public nor did he address them through television. The former editor of the newspaper of the communist party in China Deng Yuan said that President Xi Jinping avoided having a conversation with the public to avoid facing their anger.

On the other hand, the Government has appointed 75 lakh volunteers for assistance but as these volunteers didn’t suffice, about 50 lakh workers in the communist party have been appointed for the same purpose. In many places in China, people are dependent on the Government even for food and water.