2.53 lakh sq km area deforested worldwide in 2021

New Delhi – Worldwide, an area of about 10 football fields of forests is being destroyed every minute. The deforested area is equivalent to 2.53 sq km, which is the same as the size of Uttar Pradesh. This information has been given in the University of Maryland’s World Resources Institute Global Forest Watch.

Last year, 38 lakh hectares of tropical forest were destroyed worldwide. The deforestation rate is less by 11% when compared with that of 2020.

Brazil has the largest tracts of tropical forest. It also has the highest rate of deforestation. About 15 lakh hectares have been deforested in Brazil, which is about 40% of the deforestation in the world.

The 2nd highest deforestation was done in the Republic of Congo, which is 3 times more.

In Brazil, there has been a reduction of 9% deforestation due to fire, which is the largest reduction after 2006. A similar thing was seen in the forests of the temperate region, but they re-blossomed.

Amazon forest faces the threat of extinction. Environmentally, Amazon is at a very critical turning point warned the scientists.

There is a 7% increase in carbon dioxide emissions because of the deforestation of tropical forests.  This is equal to the carbon dioxide emissions of India’s population.

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