Rioting continues for the last four days after incident of burning Quran in Sweden

Condemnation from Saudi Arabia about the Quran burning incident

Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) – The refugee Muslims in Sweden are rioting for the last 4 days about an incident of the burning of the Quran. These riots are spread over many towns. The Quran was burned by the members of the Stram Kurs party.

The president of the party Rasmus Paludan had given a call for this. Saudi Arabia strongly condemned Quran burning in Sweden. The Foreign Ministry added that Saudi Arabia stresses the importance of concerted efforts to spread values of dialogue, tolerance, coexistence, renounce hatred, extremism and exclusion and prevent the abuse of all religions and holy sites. Peace should be achieved through dialogue.

According to a survey, in a few years, the Muslim population will be 30% of the total population of Sweden. If this is the case, then it should not be surprising that an aggressive agitation could be held to make it an Islamic Nation !

Editorial comments

There are only 3 lakh Muslims living in Sweden which has a total population of 1 crore. It is worrisome that still, they could hold the people to ransom by rioting in many cities.

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