Ramnavami violence in Khambhat was conspiracy pre-planned in a foreign country

  • The attack was to teach a lesson to the Hindus
  • The religious fanatics came from outside Khambhat
  • An assurance was given to the attackers that if arrested legal help would be provided
Editorial comments

  • It is alarming that the religious fanatics had made such detailed preparations and the Police and the Intelligence agencies did not know anything about it. Hindus do not expect such carelessness in BJP-ruled Gujarat.
  • Why are the liberals, Congress, Leftists, and anti-Hindu media silent about this ?

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) – The Ramnavami procession in Khambhat (Anand District) was attacked when passing through a Muslim majority area. The investigations have revealed a foreign hand in these attacks. The Police have found evidence as well. A Hindu died in these attacks. Nine people have been arrested so far.

Superintendent of Police (SP) Ajit Rajian of Anand District said,

People were called from outside Khambhat to riot. All the preparations for the violence during the Ramnavami procession was done a day earlier. Stones and weapons were supplied to the attackers.
During the rioting, the rioters encouraged others to do arson and throw stones.

Large amounts of funds were provided for the attack. This conspiracy was hatched abroad.
Police have got evidence that Mustakin Maulvi and his associates Matin, Mohsin, Razak Ayub, and Hussain Hashmasha Divan were part of the conspiracy.

The accused were told to throw stones and commit arson, when the procession passes near the mosque, revealed the investigations.

The attackers were given an assurance that if they were arrested, they would be supported and legal help would be provided to them.

On examining the mobile phones of the accused it became clear that the riot was pre-planned. The conspiracy was planned to teach the Hindus a lesson.

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