Hindu Sena displays saffron flags outside JNU and sticks posters with text Bhagawa JNU

New Delhi – On the day of Shriramnavami, there was a scuffle at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) between the students of the All-India Students Association and leftist Students organisation on the issue of puja and consuming meat. Against this background, saffron flags have been put up and posters have been displayed on the road outside JNU and near its main gate. Bhagawa JNU is written on these posters. It is stated that the posters and flags were displayed by Hindu Sena.

Hindu Sena’s Vice President Surjeet Yadav has said that the saffron flag was desecrated by the opposition at JNU. These people should improve and shouldn’t try to insult the saffron flag. We respect them. They should also respect every religion and ideology. Hindu Sena will not tolerate the insult of the saffron flag.

Manoj C the Dy Police Commissioner of Delhi (South West) said, ‘We have seen some flags and posters displayed on roads outside JNU. They have been immediately removed, and necessary legal action is being taken.’

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