CPI(M)’s Christian leader opposes the marriage of a communist Muslim leader and a Christian woman in Kerala

The CPI(M), however, extends support 

Editorial comment

It shows that CPI(M) supports love jihad. Would Christians or the church in Kerala openly express their opinion ?

CPI(M) leader George M Thomas

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) – The CPI(M) leader George M Thomas had stated that M S Shejin, a Muslim leader of the Domestic Youth Federation of India (DYFI), Kerala marrying a Christian woman named Joisna has disturbed the communal harmony in Kodenchery District. The Communist (Marxist) Party has now tried to explain this issue. The Party’s Kozhikode District’s Secretary P Mohanlal said that there was nothing like love jihad. It is a part of the policy promoted by RSS through which minorities are targeted. George M Thomas had inadvertently made such a comment. He has, however, realised his mistake.

1. Joisna and Shejin got married on 9th March after which the local Christians staged demonstrations; due to which both of them went underground. The residents lodged a complaint with the Police asking to find Joisna. The young lady’s parents also lodged a separate complaint.

2. Thomas had stated about this marriage that the Party was sensitive towards the parents’ feelings. Shejin has taken a wrong stand in the present situation. Had Shejin informed in advance, the Party would have extended support earlier. They should not have run away in this manner. It has led to hurting the sentiments of Christians.

3. DYFI has opposed the statement made by Thomas and issued a circular in this context wherein it has been stated that the dispute about the leader’s marriage was unfortunate and unnecessarily created. The marriage is a personal decision of the two persons. Our party supports both of them.

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