Religious fanatic threatens on Instagram to rape and kill Hindu girls !

Assam Police take cognisance of the matter

Editorial comment

India is the only country in the world where 80% of people in majority are threatened with death by the so-called ‘minority’ !

Guwahati (Assam) – An audio clip went viral on Instagram in which a woman named Sabnam and her friend Nadeem have openly threatened Hindus. They swore at Hindus and their mothers and sisters. In this audio clip, it is said that ‘Hindu is the worst community in the world’ and ‘We will rape and kill the sisters of Hindus’. The Guwahati Police have taken cognisance of the matter and are investigating further.

Nadeem is saying, ‘I have seen 3 Hindus being killed. They die in our area every day. They should be killed. I say, kill them openly’. Sabnam laughs out loud at Nadeem’s statement. Nadeem then says, ‘These people are living in a fantasy world. If I had an AK-47, I would have killed Hindus. If I get killed, 100 more people like me will be created’. He also mocked Shri Ganesh and Deity Shiva’s Ardhanarishwara form.