A Muslim delegation meets Swami of Pejwar, with their grievances over the trade restrictions laid on the Muslim traders in Karnataka Temple complexes

When a particular section of society faces injustice for years, it sometimes erupts.

Udupi (Karnataka) – Peace and harmony are required but cannot be maintained by just one community. Hindu society has already endured a lot. Hindus have suffered due to many incidents. Discussions among some religious leaders will not solve this problem. The problem has to be solved at the grassroots. When injustice has been done to a particular section of society for years, it sometimes erupts, said Swamiji, a world-renowned Seer of the Karnataka Muth, to a delegation of Muslim traders who visited him.

Some temples in Karnataka have denied permission to Muslim shopkeepers to set up shops in and around the temple premises during their annual festivities. Some Muslim and Christian traders, and religious leaders, visited Swamiji and requested him to intervene in the matter. They said that people make a living by selling goods during religious festivals. They will have to face difficulties now. Hence, they should be permitted to do business in the temple area.

Just discussing peace and harmony is not sufficient

Swamiji further said that in one incident, all the cows of a widow were stolen. So, with no source of livelihood, she was on the streets. Hindus had to face many such sad incidents. We also have gone through such tragic events. Just discussing peace and harmony is not enough. Also, it does not require the intervention of any third party to live a peaceful and harmonious life.

It is not right to hate the whole society for the wrongdoings of 1 or 2 persons – Abubakker Athrady, Honorary President of Udupi Consumer Forum

Abubakker Athrady, Honorary President of Udupi Consumer Forum, said, It is not right to hate a whole society because of 1 or 2 people. (If 1 or 2 people in the society are doing heinous things, then other people of the society should come forward and openly oppose and tell them how wrong they are. Jihadi terrorism is going on all over the world today, In India, on the other hand, when jihadi terrorists are killed and arrested, others from the community try to prove them innocent. Why doesn’t Abubakker talk about this ?- Editor) We all are children of the same mother. My appeal is that everyone should live in harmony. (It takes two to tango. Hindus have always lived in harmony, but have always been attacked and oppressed by other religions. Doesn’t Abubakker see this ? Please note that when Hindus have taken decisions based on laws made by the Constitution, Abubakker has started remembering these things – Editor)

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