Halal food is akin to ‘Economic Jihad’ : BJP National General Secretary CT Ravi

Editorial comment

  • Time and again, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti and other Hindu leaders have created awareness on the Halal issue. If the Government had conducted an in-depth inquiry into this matter, it would have been brought under control much earlier !
  • Hindus expect the Government to present the truth before the people.

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – “Halal meat business is a kind of Economic Jihad. The concept of Halal meat means that they can do business among themselves and consume Halal meat only among their people. What is wrong in pointing it as wrong”, asked BJP’s National General Secretary, CT Ravi.

If Muslims refuse to buy meat from Hindus, why should Hindus buy meat from Muslims ?

CT Ravi added that Muslims offer meat to their God. Against this background, such meat is like a leftover meat for Hindus. When Muslims refuse to buy meat from Hindus, why are they asking Hindus to buy meat from them ? A business cannot be one-sided, it has to be done mutually.

We will have to study the whole issue ! – Karnataka CM Basavaraj Bommai

Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said, “We will have to study the whole ‘Halal’ meat issue since it is not associated with any rules and regulations. After Ugadi (New Year), it is a custom for some to offer meat”.

CM Bommai added, “We will later convey our stand in the matter. Various organisations are going to take up the issue. We know our stand and will disclose it only where necessary”.

When asked about the atmosphere in the State being spoiled, he said he had observed on earlier occasions that such things didn’t disturb law and order and harmony in the State.

Hindu youth should not spoil the atmosphere in the State ! – blabs former CM H D Kumaraswamy  

Editorial comment

Kumaraswamy didn’t make such an appeal in the case of hijab !

The former CM and a leader of Janata Dal (Secular) HD Kumaraswamy has condemned the Issue of ‘Halal’ meat. He wanted to request Hindu youth not to spoil the atmosphere in the State. Also, 61 ‘thinkers’ from progressive factions have appealed to CM Bommai to stop such communal hatred. (Kumaraswamy and ‘thinkers’ from progressive factions have not opened their mouths or appealed in the Hijab case ! – Editor)

What the whole issue is about?

Pro-Hindu organisations from Karnataka have appealed to Hindus to keep away from Halal meat after the Ugadi (New Year) festival.  A day after Ugadi, Hindus offer meat to God and celebrate New Year.

What is ‘Halal’ meat ?

To obtain Halal meat, the jugular vein of the animal is cut and the animal is left to bleed to death. The meat of an animal killed with so much agony is called Halal meat. While sacrificing this animal, its face is kept in the direction of Mecca.

What is Jhatka meat ?

In Indian religions like Hindu, Sikh, etc. animals are killed by the ‘Jhatka’ method. In this, the neck of the animal is cut at once. Due to this, the animal suffers less.

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