Muslims threaten Hindus to sell their flats in Bhavnagar, Gujarat

  • The building under construction near their housing complex has taken bookings only from Muslims. Hence, they are trying to evict the Hindu residents from their flats.
  • The Gujarat Home Minister denied that such an incident had taken place
Editorial comment

Why are those who made a big fuss about denying houses to Muslims in Hindu-majority areas now silent ?

Bhavnagar (Gujarat) – Last week, a mob of 100-150 Muslim men entered the society and threatened the residents of Satvik Housing Complex in Bhavnagar`s Mokhadji circle area to sell their houses. Selectively targeting 15 flat owners to sell and leave their flats or face dire consequences. Gujarat Home Minister Harsh Sanghvi has denied any such incident taking place. The Home Minister stated that the claims of a Muslim mob asking Hindus to leave the area are false and no such incident has taken place. The news about this has been published by the news website of OpIndia.

1. According to the locals, some other complexes are being constructed near this complex and only Muslims have reserved flats here. Since they are dominant in this area, they are trying to oust the people of other religions.

2. Some flat owners are trying to sell flats with the help of local BJP leaders. The leader told the owner that now you are getting the value of the flat, that itself is a big thing. Neighbouring buildings are under construction, it would be a problem for you once the Muslims move in there.

3. Some organisations have requested the administration to maintain religious harmony in this area.