Supreme Court slams communist Kerala Govt for robbing people by enacting anti-people law !

  • Private employees appointed by the ministers being given lifelong pensions
  • Lifelong pension law exists only in Kerala !
Editorial comments

  • The Court should order the repeal of this law that only exists in the State of Kerala.
  • Politicians who feed their own party workers with Government money for life are a disgrace to democracy ! The money spent so far should be recovered from them !

New Delhi – The Supreme Court, while hearing a petition alleging that lifelong pensions are being paid to private employees appointed by ministers for a period of only two years, slammed the CPI(M)-led Government in Kerala by saying, ‘Your State has a lot of money’.

Ministers in the State can privately appoint more than 20 people every 2 years. These employees, who have been appointed for a period of 2 years, are entitled to a lifelong pension. After 2 years other people replace them, and they also get pension later. One minister appoints 45 to 50 persons in this manner during his tenure. These employees then become full-time workers of the concerned party. There is no such rule anywhere else in the country. State Governor Arif Mohammad Khan had raised the issue. The law was enacted by the then Congress-led Government in 1994. The subsequent CPI(M)-led Government continued it. This party is still in power.

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