Govt madarasas cannot provide religious education : Gauhati High Court

Upholds the constitutional validity of the Assam State Government’s decision to convert Government aided madarasas into ordinary schools

Editorial Comment

The same decision must be applied to all other State-funded madarasas across the country. Every State, as well as the Central Government, gives billions of rupees as grants to madarasas.

Guwahati (Assam) – Government aided madarasas cannot provide religious education, ruled the Gauhati High Court. The decision was taken on a petition filed in the High Court against the State Government’s decision to convert madarasas in the State into ordinary schools. CM Himanta Biswa Sarma had enacted a law in the year 2020 when he was the Education Minister to convert State-funded madarasas into general schools. He had repealed the Assam Madrassa Education (Provincialisation) Act, 1995.

The Court ruled that the change made by the State and the administration was not for private or public madarasas, but only for Government aided madarasas. The change was as per Article 28 (1) of the Constitution. Teachers of Government aided madarasas will not lose their jobs. They will be trained to teach other subjects as required.

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