‘I’m Muslim first, later Indian..,’ says Maviya Ali, former MP of Samajwadi Party

The video of this statement made in 2017 released by BJP

Editorial comments

From this statement of the SP Muslim leader, we can clearly guess the mentality of the party and its leaders ! In 2019, under the rule of this Government, the Ram devotees in the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi agitation were fired at. One of the SP leaders was the mastermind behind the exile of Hindus from Kairana. Despite this, the SP leader in Meerut says that if their party comes to power, they will take revenge on Hindus ! Hence, now the Hindus in Uttar Pradesh should pull down the SP forever in the elections !

Has any Hindu leader in India ever said, “I am first a Hindu and later Indian” ?

Lucknow (UP) – Recently, a video has been released on social media by BJP in which the former SP leader Maviya Ali has made a statement ‘I am first a Muslim and later Indian. No one can force us.’ It is said that this video was recorded in 2017.

There was BJP rule in the State, which had given orders to all the Madarasas to recite the Indian National Anthem on Independence Day and send its video recording. It is said that Maviya gave the above response on this order.

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