Two Maulavis responsible for the murder of devout Hindu youth at Ahmedabad !

(Note : Maulavi is the religious preacher of Islam)

Editorial comment

Does the group of secularists and progressives, claiming the Muslims in India to be insecure, have anything to say on this ?

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) – The Ahmedabad Police arrested three culprits, including a Maulavi, in the murder case of 27-year-old Kishan Bharwad (Boliya) The Maulavi from Ahmedabad had allegedly provided weapons to the murderers and a Maulavi from Mumbai had given the instructions. The Maulavi from Ahmedabad has been arrested. Kishan had shared a video of Mohammad Paigamber on social media. He started receiving intimidating calls after that.

Harsh Sanghavi, the Home Minister, visited the family of Kishan Bharwad to console. While addressing the journalists, Sanghavi said that they would surely give justice to the family of Kishan Bharwad. A Maulavi had encouraged two 20-year-old youths to murder Kishan Bharwad . Maulavi is responsible to keep the people on the right track but he provided weapons to the murderers, which is horrible.