Statue in Periyar, Coimbatore garlanded by footwear with head smeared with saffron colour by miscreants !

Coimbatore (TN) – On 9th January, some unknown miscreants garlanded the statue of NV Ramasamy Periyar with chappals and smeared the statue head with saffron colour. This statue is in front of ‘Periyar Study Centre’. After getting informed of this mishap, the Police removed the garland and cleaned the statue. The ‘Dravid Kalgham’ (Dravid Committee) demonstrated against this incident. Police are searching for the culprits with the help of CCTV footage.

Who was NV Ramasamy Periyar ?

NV Ramasamy had hatred for Hindus. In the 99 years of his life span, from 1874 to 1973, he did enough activities to spread hatred against Brahmins. Similarly, he spread the thoughts of separating south India from the rest of the country. He was a drumbeater of the Britishers. In Tamil Nadu, he is known as the ‘Pioneer of the Dravid Agitation’. On 15th August 1947, the Independence day of India, his promoters raised black flags and celebrated that day as ‘mourning day’. In Chennai as well, his promoters wore black clothes on that day. According to them, this was not real independence. Periyar founded the ‘Dravid Kalgham’ committee.

Rajinikanth, the famous actor in Tamil Nadu, raised criticism on Periyar sometime ago, saying that he used to criticise Hindu Deities. In 1971, at the age of 97, he presented disgraceful pictures of Shriram and Sita at the summit of ‘Andhashraddha Nirmulan’ at Salem in Tamil Nadu. Rajinikanth has been charged for his statement against Periyar but he has not apologised.