Farmer leader slaps BJP MLA in Unnao, UP

Editorial comment

  • If such an incident is taking place in front of the Police, then how will the protection of the general public be ensured ? Hindus do not expect such an incident with a BJP MLA to happen in a BJP-ruled State.

Unnao (UP) – A farmer leader slapped BJP MLA Pankaj Gupta at a public meeting in Unnao (UP). The video of this incident that took place 2 days ago has gone viral on social media, but MLA Gupta has claimed that no such incident has taken place.

While MLA Pankaj Gupta was attending a function at Aira Bhadiar in Makhi on 5th January, a man approached the stage with a stick in his hand and slapped Gupta directly. Police brought the man down from the platform and controlled the situation. MP Sakshi Maharaj was also present on the stage along with Pankaj Gupta. The farmer who slapped was identified as Chhatrpal. The video footage reveals that the farmer was angry. No reason, however, was cited for it. (It can be concluded that many anti-social elements have infiltrated the ongoing agitation against the Farm Bills. Therefore, this incident needs to be thoroughly investigated – Editor)

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