The stark similarity between PM Modi’s blockade in Punjab and an animated video by Khalistanis a year ago showing the killing of PM Modi

Editorial comment

It is evident that Khalistanis target appears to be PM Modi. Government should destroy the roots of Khalistani terrorists.

New Delhi – On 5th January, Prime Minister Modi’s security was jeopardised owing to State Administration’s negligence when his convoy was blocked on a flyover by farmer protestors for 20 minutes. Hence, PM Modi had to turn around and go back. While allegations that Khalistanis had made a plot to kill PM Modi, an animated video showing Modi being killed by Khalistanis. BJP leader Kapil Mishra has tweeted this video. In this, it is shown that Khalistanis after having surrounded PM Modi from all 4 sides, they are throwing him from the flyover.

This video was uploaded on 1st December 2020 on the YouTube channel, ‘Dhakka Gaming’. The video shows that on one hand, PM Modi’s car is coming along with securities and from the front, farmers are coming on a tractor. They stop Modi’s car. Modi comes out of his car. At that moment the protestors run towards Modi. Seeing them Modi tries to run in the other direction. That time a tractor stops him; still, he tries to run away; but protestors block his road.  They have sticks in hand. Later protestors catch Modi, tie his hands and legs, and throw him from the flyover.

(The purpose of publishing this video  is not to hurt the  sentiments of the people but to make it known to them. – Editor)

Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, founder of the banned Khalistani organisation ‘Sikh for Justice’ has threatened through a video saying that the incident in Modi’s tour is the next step with a view of Punjab’s freedom.

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