Sanatan Dharma should be destroyed

Tamil Nadu Congress President KS Alagiri’s anti-Hindu statement

Editorial comments

  • The Mughals as well as the Christian British tried to destroy Sanatan Dharma, but they became history instead, but Sanatan Dharma still exists today. 150 years old Congress also tried to attack Sanatan Dharma, but Sanatan Dharma faced it and gave it all back. Alagiri should keep in mind that no matter how much he makes noise, Sanatan Dharma will remain intact !
  • Congress leaders, who do not dare to utter a word of protest against jihadi terrorism that has plagued the country for the last three decades and has been troublesome for the entire world as well, speak of destroying Sanatan Dharma. This shows their anti-Hindu sentiments !
  • As most Hindus do not have pride in their Dharma, they do not even seek legal action against those who dare to make such statements against Hindu Dharma. It is shameful for all the Hindus !

Chennai – Tamil Nadu Congress chief KS Alagiri had made a hugely controversial statement by saying that BJP should be defeated, Sanatan Dharma must be destroyed, and that the main objective of the Congress Alliance is to destroy Sanatan Dharma, for which, Congress must survive. He made these statements in an interview with the channel ‘Chanakya TV’. Congress in Tamil Nadu has formed an alliance with the VCK (Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi – Independent (Liberation) Panther Party).

He was responding to the question based on that. Earlier, addressing the gathering on the occasion of the founding day of the Congress on 28th December 2021, Alagiri had said, ‘Secularism is the policy of the Congress which is not against any religion. Congress is not against Hindu Dharma’. (Hindus now know that the secularism of Congress is nothing but hatred towards Hindus. Hence, this party is now on the verge of becoming history ! – Editor)

In 2019, VCK party chief and MP Thirumavalavan had organised a conference titled ‘Save the Nation, Destroy Sanatan Dharma’. VCK is an ally of DMK and Congress. The conference was attended by leaders of both parties.