A 4-year-old girl in Bhopal (MP) critical after being mauled and bitten by stray dogs

Notice to Administration and Municipality by MP Human Rights Commission

Editorial comments

  • It is shameful for India for not finding a solution to stray dogs even after 74 years after Independence.
  • Why have stray dogs not been captured and confined in one place ? Do people have a right to live here or stray dogs ? It is shameful that more than human rights some animal-loving organisations feel that, animals’ right of hurting people is more important.

Bhopal (MP) – A 4-year-old girl from Anjali Vihar Phase – 2 who was attacked by 5 stray dogs is seriously wounded. MP Human Rights Commission has issued a notice to the Municipality, the Administration and the Health Department and they have been asked to respond within 7 days.

The notice contained queries about number of dogs sterilised in 2021, rabies-infected dogs (A disease making dogs wild) sent away, etc.