The current Government is dividing people and making India communal : Wails Farooq Abdullah

Editorial Comment

  • How many of those who forced Hindus to flee were punished or prosecuted when Farooq Abdullah`s Government was in power ? How many of those who fled were rehabilitated ? The religious fanatics in Kashmir are not secular, they have a  fanatical mentality, due to which, Hindus still cannot live in Kashmir. Why is Abdullah not talking about this ?

Srinagar (J&K) – Former Chief Minister and National Conference leader Farooq Abdullah in an interview with The Wire said, “The question here is, India is becoming communal. It was secular. The government is making it communal. They are dividing people, (pitting) Muslims against Hindus and against other religions.”

“A volcano is getting ready. Remember one thing: it is not Pakistanis who are coming to fight for us. It is young people who are standing for themselves.”