While the funding for MPs was suspended, the Central Govt spent Rs. 1,698 crore on self-propaganda : MP Shrikant Shinde 

New Delhi – Dr Shrikant Shinde from Shiv Sena criticised in the Lok Sabha – During the coronavirus pandemic, doctors in the country worked wholeheartedly. The Central Government also did some good work. Hence, I would not criticise everything, but on one hand, MP’s funding has been suspended and on the other, the Central Government has spent Rs. 1,698 crore on self-propaganda in the past 3 years. That is, the Central Government spends an average of Rs.600 crore on self-propaganda.

Dr Shrikant Shinde also said in 2017, Central Government announced building 1.5 lakh Health Centres, and although 4 years have passed, only 55% (80 thousand health centres) have been built. Therefore, Government should tell how they would construct 70 thousand Health Centres in the coming year.