Women offer Namaz in public parks in Gujarat

Muslim man recites Azan in the park

Editorial comments

  • Police take immediate action against Hindus who perform religious acts in public places citing no permit for it. But if something like this is done by the minorities, the same Police and the Administration put tail between their legs.
  • Hindus feel that with BJP Government in Gujarat, action should be taken against such lawless people.
  • In many public places of the country like roads, playgrounds, railway stations, airports, etc. people offer Namaz without due permission and cause inconvenience to others, but no action is taken against them. Do Secularists have any answer to why such things are going on in secular India ?

Bharuch (Gujarat) – Videos of a Muslim woman in burkha offering namaz and a Muslim man standing on top of a slide reciting Azan on which children could play otherwise, is going viral on social media. It is seen in the video that, while small children are playing around, a woman is spreading a sheet and preparing to offer Namaz in the garden. Some other women are exercising in the park. In another video, some Muslim women are seen offering Namaz in the Vastrapur lake park of Ahmedabad.

Regarding the Namaz of Bharuch, a person said that since last week some Muslim women have started offering Namaz there. Women come and offer Namaz. If action is taken against them, they will show that there is injustice towards them.