Taliban invites China for the rebuilding of Afghanistan !

Editorial comment 

  • Cruelty, betrayal and doing injustice to others are some of the common ‘qualities’ in Taliban and China; so, nothing to be surprised about if they come together. The friendship between these two is not only dangerous for India but also dangerous for the whole world. India should prepare from now itself to tackle the problems that would be created in the future due to the alliance of these two.

Kabul (Afghanistan) – China is a country with a large economy and capacity. China has played a constructive role in enhancing peace and harmony in Afghanistan. I think that China can play a very big role even in the rehabilitation and rebuilding of Afghanistan; therefore, China is welcome to contribute to the reconstruction of the country, stated Suhail Shaheen, the spokesperson of Taliban while talking to Chinese media. China’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi had met the Taliban’s terrorist group at Tianjin last month.

Wang Yi, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of China, has also supported the Taliban. While talking to Dominic Raab, the British Foreign Secretary over the phone, Wang Yi said that the world should give direction and support to Afghanistan. Presently, the transfer of power is going on there, so, Afghanistan should not be more pressurised now.