India can decide whether it considers the Taliban a friend or foe : The Taliban

Editorial comments

  • It is disgraceful that a terrorist organisation in a small country uses such arrogant language against India, and India tolerates it. What steps would India take to teach a lesson to the Taliban ?
  • After the US army deserted Afghanistan, the Taliban is making undue noise. India should act to stop this and generate fright in heart of the Taliban.

Kabul (Afghanistan) – Currently, there is big combat going on between the Afghan National Army and the Taliban (Talib means a student who believes in Islamic fundamentalism. Taliban is a plural of ‘Talib’. Taliban means the one who demands.) The Taliban have taken control of large areas of the country, and have laid siege to the country’s capital, Kabul. Against this backdrop, when the Indian News channel, NDTV, asked Mohammad Soil Shaheen, the Taliban’s Spokesman in Doha, Qatar, “Whether you consider India a friend or an enemy.” he replied, “you should ask your Government whether the Taliban are friends or foes. If India is supplying guns and ammunition to the people of Afghanistan to fight against us, then we will look at it as hostile action; but if India works for peace and development in Afghanistan, we will not call it hostility. India must decide what to do.” made such an arrogant statement.

(When an Indian aircraft was hijacked, the Taliban provided all kinds of assistance to anti-India terrorists at Kandahar airport. For such a Taliban to question India is astonishing. The Taliban is India’s enemy and India should make every effort to destroy the Taliban. – Editor)

“We are grateful to India for all that it has done for the development of Afghanistan,” he said.

The embassy and staff of any country will not be harmed

“Afghanistan’s land will not be used to take action against any country,” Shaheen told ANI. “Also, No harm will be done to the embassies and staff of any country. I will give my word for it,” he said.

(Who would believe these words of the Taliban ? Who will take the poison test ? – Editor)

Pakistan does not support us

“It is believed that Pakistan supports us, but the news is wrong,” Shaheen said. “This is just politics.”

(Liar Taliban ! Pakistani citizens are helping the Taliban. Denying it would be an attempt to throw dust in the eyes of the world when it is evident that they are fighting on the side of the Taliban. – Editor)

There is no information that talks between India and the Taliban are being held

When asked if India is in talks with the Taliban. He replied, “We also heard the news that Indian officials are in talks with the Taliban in Doha and other places, but I do not know for sure”.

Will allow Islamic State and al-Qaeda!

Shaheen further said that if the Taliban comes to power in Afghanistan, then it will allow Islamic State and Al Qaeda to operate.

(On one hand, the Taliban says that Afghanistan’s land will not be allowed to be used against any country, and on the other says that Islamic State and Al-Qaeda will be allowed to operate. It shows clear duplicity. – Editor)

Appreciation of India!

Shaheen said “India had done development works for the citizens of Afghanistan not only with the dam but also with other national and international projects. We appreciate the work done for the economic prosperity of the citizens of Afghanistan”.

Sending troops to Afghanistan would have dire consequences for India – Taliban

The whole world has seen the capabilities of the Indian Army, so India needs to teach a lesson to arrogant Taliban now – Editor

“If India sends its troops to Afghanistan to assist Afghanistan Government and remains there permanently, then it would not be good for them. India has seen the plight of other countries’ troops in Afghanistan,” Shaheen said.