Parents to face death penalty if their children are caught watching foreign movies or wearing foreign clothes

North Korea Dictator Kim Jong orders

Pyongyang (North Korea) – Dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong-un announced death penalty for anyone caught watching foreign movies or wearing foreign clothes. Those caught with American, Japanese, or South Korean videos will also be punished with death penalty. The new law states that if a worker is caught, the head of the factory can be punished and if a child violates this law, parents can also be punished.

  1. Recently, Kim wrote a letter in state media calling on the country’s Youth League to restrain unsavoury, individualistic, anti-socialist behaviour among young people.
  2. People of Neighbouring South Korea say that Kim Jong-un has come up with this law because he thinks, if the foreign culture comes to North Korea, its people might stand up against his dictatorship.