Rs 2,000 to carry around the dead body while Rs 1,000 to get a last glimpse of the deceased patient

A conspiracy hatched by the staff at the Hallet Hospital in Kanpur

  • This is indicative of the deep-rooted corruption in India. Can we even call them human beings who rob the dead ?
  • The District administration is caught napping as these incidents happen so blatantly. The State Government should immediately sack the responsible hospital staff along with the concerned State administrative officers.

Kanpur (UP) – The vulnerable relatives of the deceased Covid-19 patients are being exploited at the Hallet Hospital in Kanpur. The hospital staff demands Rs 2,000 as a service charge for 4 staff members to carry around the dead on their shoulders while Rs 1,000 for the relatives to get a last glimpse of the deceased patient. This charge gets increased or decreased depending upon their assessment of the financial condition of the relatives.

  1. The charge to take the dead body from the hospital bed to the ambulance is set at Rs 500 per staff member.
  2. If the ambulance already has other dead bodies, there is additional change to keep the concerned dead body on top of others.
  3. Wealthy relatives who can spare some more, are treated differently by allowing them to offer flowers and garlands to the deceased patients and in some cases by allowing them even to touch the dead body and to take photographs.
  4. In this manner, 4-5staff members earn around 30,00 – 40,000 every day. When asked about this practice, they shamelessly justify this as a service charge to put their lives in danger.
  5. If some relatives speak of the rules and regulations governing this entire process, then they are deliberately kept far away from the concerned dead body citing the same rules.