Chinese cyber attack on Indian vaccine manufacturer’s !- Singapore cyber intelligence company

If this claim is true, then despite China showing it has take a soft stance at the actual line of control only reveals that China has conspired to attack India in a different manner! There is no alternative but to teach China a proper lesson!

New Delhi – It has been revealed that Chinese hackers carried out a cyber attack and disrupted the power supply in Mumbai. Now it has come to light that a Chinese hacker group has also carried out a cyber attack on two Indian companies manufacturing the Covid vaccine.

‘Stone Panda’ a Chinese state backed hacking group found vulnerabilities in the IT systems of two Indian companies ‘Serum Institute of India’ and ‘Bharat Biotech’ and then carried out this cyber attack. This claim was made by ‘Cyfirma’ a Singapore cyber intelligence company. However, SII and Bharat Biotech have not yet reacted to this claim.